Serving Those Who Have Served

Professional VA Fiduciary Services

When the Veteran's Administration determines that a beneficiary is unable to manage his or her finances, they appoint a fiduciary to act on their behalf. When a suitable family member or close friend is unable to serve, they turn to professional fiduciaries. ElatUS Services provides professional fiduciary services to Veterans. Our principal, David Rapaport is a Veteran himself and understands the unique difficulties of recovery to those men and women who served.

A Professional VA Fiduciary will handle all aspects of a veteran's financial affairs. Everything from paying the rent or mortgage through paying utilities will be handled by your fiduciary. ElatUS works with you to budget your money for your basic needs such as housing utilities, groceries, and clothing. From there health and dental procedures are added to the budget. Finally leisure and discretionary spending are added. ElatUS Services will also ensure that savings are put away for your future needs.

Veteran's Fiduciary Program

  • Collaborate to build a structured but flexible financial plan
  • Pay your rent, bills and provide for a savings component
  • Meaningful weekly stipend on a Bank Debit Card
  • Responsibly manage and grow financial and life skills
  • Plan for the future

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