Recovery First - Recovery Always

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.
The next best time is now

A Chinese Proverb (Adapted from Larry Broughton and Phil Dyer, Victory, 2011)

Recovery is a Journey

When the Social Security Administration determines that you are unable to manage your funds, they prefer their beneficiaries to have a representative payee who is a family member or close friend. Under some circumstances, that individual can be hard to find. The next option is work with a professional representative payee. ElatUS Services provides those services with an approach that encourages dignity, collaboration and mutual respect.

ElatUS Services collaborates with you and your case manager to insure to insure that a quality budget is developed, your bills are paid in a timely manner, and that you set future financial goals. ElatUS Services will work with you to help build your financial knowledge and teach you how to manage your finances independently.

We understand that each person is an individual and that you have unique strengths and challenges. Our flexible approach to your financial well-being is meant to help you develop a solid financial footing. To that end we help you prioritize your finances so that basic needs such as housing, food, and clothing are met first. The second priority is arranging for your health and dental needs. The last component is for personal needs and leisure activities.

Recovery is a series of steps. Some are smaller than others but all steps lead us in the direction of quality of life and purposeful autonomy. ElatUS Services wants to earn your trust in this journey. This assistance is not a crutch but rather a hand up.

If you are not currently in a treatment program or residing in a shelter, ElatUS Services maintains a list of professional services through Massachusetts and can help you find the right assistance to help you get started.

Social Security Entitlements and Benefit Payments

  • Responsibly manage and grow financial and life skills
  • Collaborate to build a structured but flexible financial plan
  • Pay your rent, bills and provide for a savings component
  • Stipend on a Bank Debit Card
  • Plan for the future

*Acceptance into this program is contingent upon ElatUS Services being approved as your Representative Payee by the Social Security Administration

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