Cutting Edge Solutions


Our cutting edge and proven on-line bookkeeping solutions guarantee accuracy, provide maximum security and give you the ElatUS team to ensure that you have the time to work towards success while the peripheral task get done. Too often bookkeeping is thought of as a necessary evil. ElatUS believes that effective and timely record keeping leads to timely and effective decision making.

Tax Preparation

Preparing taxes does not take place in a vacuum. Your taxes, deductions, and exemption are likened to a dancer ensuring that all the fluidpieces of the dance fit together to create a meaningful performance. ElatUS will work closely with your accountant to ensure that a meaningful integration of procedures take place with the ultimate goal of letting you focus on your business. In most cases, ElatUS can assure you that you will save money in tax preparation costs. We have the skills and expertise to ensure that you will receive every benefit you are entitled to while paying only your fair share.