Responsible Funds Management

Limited Power of Attorney

Elatus Services provides a Limited Power of Attorney (POA) program that helps the beneficiary maintain control of their government entitlements while ensuring financial responsibility.

Elatus begins by working with the beneficiary to complete a comprehensive and understandable Informed Consent agreement that places obligations on both parties to the agreement. A significantly limited and restricted POA is signed by the beneficiary to allow Elatus to act as their agent for very specific and limited financial tasks:

  1. Develop a meaningful and viable budget
  2. Pay rent, utilities, phone bills, court or child support obligations and other debts.
  3. Provide a weekly stipend to cover food, incidentals, clothing and recreation.
  4. Ensure a savings component within every plan.

A beneficiary’s funds last through the entire month. Please follow the links to a White Paper on the program and a sample of the Informed Consent.